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June 12, 2017by admin0

This week, I could no longer ward off the voice of a power greater than myself working in my life.  I thought it would be fun to share the story with you, in hopes that maybe some people can relate.

My story starts last summer.  For about a year now, I have been talking (key word “talking”, which is more than “thinking”) about wanting to ditch the van dur​​ing the day when it’s just me and no kiddos and opt for something a little more environmentally friendly.  As you may or may not know, I have three kids, and when I’m transporting all three kiddos, a van is necessary.  But, since I work during the day, running all over Baltimore meeting health coaching clients and teaching yoga, it’s jut me.  Just me and a big ol’ minivan.  

It all started with me mentioning OUT LOUD last summer that I wanted to get a road bike because it killed me every time I clicked that automatic start button for the gas guzzling not so environmentally friendly van.  It started with me just speaking my truth.  Getting it out of my head and into my reality.  What happened next is what happens to everyone when we put something out into the universe, if we are paying attention: the universe provides.

Now, of course I wanted to have a road bike that exact day last summer that I spoke my truth out loud because, “Hello, my name is Stephanie and I love instant gratification”.  But, that’s not how it works.  I had to be patient.  No matter how much I wanted a bike last summer, the timing just wasn’t right.  I didn’t have the money to spend on it, I didn’t know if I was really ready to fully commit, and on and on.  But, I didn’t give up.  I know, because my experience has shown me, that if something is meant to happen, it will, regardless of what I do.  So, deep down, I knew that if I was meant to be a biking momma, the universe would conspire to make that happen with or without my input. 

Well, the day finally came almost a year later when the funds were available and the timing just felt right.  How did I know it was time?  That feeling of misalignment could no longer be ignored.  That’s always how it always works for me.  It started with an awareness that my actions were not matched with my personal beliefs.  My action of driving around a minivan with just myself in it was not aligned with my personal beliefs for doing everything I can to help save the environment.  

At first, it was just a little bit uncomfortable.  I would get into the van and think, “I should really be on a bike instead of driving this huge van,” but after I got going, the thought would disappear and I would go about my merry day.  As time progressed, that thought, that misalignment of spiritual principles and actions became unavoidable.  Now, every single time I was getting in the car, I would have the uncomfortable feeling like my actions didn’t match my beliefs.  

Then, I started to become SUPER aware of all the cyclists on the streets around me, as if they were specifically there to show me that it was possible to use a road bike as a main means of transportation.  It’s funny because I never used to pay attention to the cyclist on the street, except to not hit them.  But I started to notice them in drones.  Their bright helmets, tight bike shorts, skinny bike tires, fat bike tires, and all their accessories.  It eventually got to the point where I could no longer ignore that feeling of being misaligned, and it was off to the cycle shop for this momma.

Here’s the thing, you may be thinking, “All of this over a silly bike?”  YES.  

It’s so much bigger than a silly bike.

It’s about listening to the universe (substitute whatever word works for you here – God, Mother Spirit, The Big Kahoona, Higher Power) when it talks to you.  Once you start trekking down this road of spiritual practice, I have noticed that it gets harder and harder to ignore that inner voice.  Does it mean that I always listen to it?  HELL NO.  I am human.  But, it no longer feels good to me to try and remain oblivious, to try to ignore that calling, that voice, that thought.  It’s downright uncomfortable.  It even gets to the point where that is all I think about and I can no longer ward it off.  

Funny how the universe works.

So, I am in week one of navigating the streets of Baltimore on my new road bike.  I am super lucky because I have a dear friend who is passionate about cycling (and more importantly, safe cycling) that has offered to show me the best ways to navigate this city. Even though I am only a week in, and my ass is so sore I can barely sit, I no longer feel misaligned.  I feel like I’m doing what I am supposed to be doing, and that’s how I know that I am in alignment with the will of the universe rather than just running the Stephanie show, oblivious to everyone and everything around me.

As I work in my sits bones to the bumpy roads of Baltimore, I’m smiling.  The warm sun shinning on me, cars whipping by me.  At night, I can put my head on my pillow and fall asleep with ease because I know that my values are aligned with my actions.  That I am doing my part to help improve the environment, something that is near and dear to my heart.  Am I perfect, NO.  But, it’s the little actions over time that add up to have a major effect.

Maybe for you, it’s not a bike, or the environment.  Maybe it’s something totally different.  Maybe it’s something at work, or in your relationship, or in how you feed yourself.  What is it that keeps nagging you, begging you to pay attention, but you keep stuffing it down in hopes that it’ll go away?  What is one simple step you can take this week to get it out of your head and into your reality?  Speak your truth!  Know that you are supported, and that the path will be cleared for you if you just flex that faith muscle and take it one day at a time.


Plants for Life,

Stephanie Misanik, INHC, RYT-200

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