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My Approach

I believe in the power of real food.  Let's get back to basics, get rid of the processed and refined foods, and fill our body with nourishing nutrition that has both the power to heal and taste delicious.

My Story

After having my third child, I was completely disconnected from the Stephanie I once knew.  All of a sudden I was up to my eyeballs in diapers and feeding schedules and I had absolutely zero time to just be by myself.  Every morning, I would wake up feeling exhausted, but I threw on some sweat pants, whipped my hair up into a bun and went about my day to the best of my ability.  I wasn't feeding my soul, both literally and figuratively.  I was having a complete identity crisis at the ripe old age of 29.

It was a long and difficult journey for me to realize that it's not selfish to make time for myself, it's necessary for me to be the best version of myself so that I can be of service to others.

For me, it all started with bringing awareness to how I was fueling my body.  I had so many symptoms of a gut bacteria imbalance and didn't even know it.  Chronic fatigue, zero energy and brain fog were controlling my life.  After many months of trial and error, I changed how I ate and slowly started to reconnect with myself.  I also got back on my yoga mat and started to dive deep into my own sense of spirituality.

Through eating real food and hitting my yoga mat on a regular basis, a transformation started to take place.  I decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received a very in depth education on 100 different dietary theories and tons of coaching techniques.  I also completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training.  I now dedicate my life to helping others find their own power and change their life.

The power to change your life already exists within you, you just have to learn how to tap into it...

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