8-Week Sugar Detox Program - Stephanie Misanik Health Coach

During my 8-week sugar detox program, you will slowly and mindfully remove all sugar from your diet (including fruit) to allow your taste buds to recalibrate.  You will then reintroduce fruit and detox approved sweeteners.  During the program, we will cover the following topics:

  1. 8 weeks of meal plans and grocery shopping lists
  2. How to Prep Your Kitchen to Be Sugar Free
  3. Food Storage Guide
  4. Detox Symptoms and How to Manage Them
  5. What's the Deal with Sugar?
  6. How to Read Nutrition Labels
  7. How to Navigate the Grocery Store
  8. Healthy Snacks
  9. Fat: Friend or Foe?
  10. Practicing Mindfulness
  11. Detox Approved Healthy Fats
  12. How to Eat Out Sugar Free
  13. Eating Out Guide
  14. Low-Glycemic Smoothies
  15. How to Reintroduce Fruit and Sweeteners

If sugar has taken you off the rails, it can be REALLY hard to get back on track by yourself.  During the Sugar Detox, you will have all the support and tools you need to kick sugar in the butt and regain control of your health.

stephanie misanik health coach sugar detox

The Summer 2017 Online 8-Week Sugar Detox starts June 4th!  Register today and commit to finding food freedom!