6 Month Program - Stephanie Misanik Health Coach

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6 Month Program

If you are ready for a complete transformation and a new way of life, the 6 Month Program is for you.  During the 6 months, I will help you incorporate dietary and lifestyle changes to improve your mood, your energy levels, your sleep quality, you skin/hair/nails and so much more.  You will lose weight in a mindful way and learn how to keep it off for good.  This is the end of yo-yo dieting, and the beginning of cultivating healthy lifestyle changes.

During my 6 month session, we will have biweekly hour long sessions either in person or on the phone.  Cost of my 6 month program is $2,100 ($175/session).  Payment for half of the session is due at the first session ($1,050) and payment for the second half is due at session #6 ($1,050).


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