3 Month Program - Stephanie Misanik Health Coach

One-On-One Health Coaching

Health Coaching:
The 3 Month Program

During the 3 Month Program, we will meet one-on-one for bi-weekly 1 hour sessions either in person or via video conference.

What's included:

  • Personalized Food Detox + Personalized Diet Creation: $1,000 value
  • In-Home Pantry Detox: $500 value
  • One-on-One Grocery Store Tour: $300 value
  • Bi-Weekly Handouts: $150 value
  • Specialized Health Coaching Program: $500 value
  • Personalized Exercise Program: $250 value
  • FREE In-Home 60 Minute Private Yoga Session: $75 value

Total Program Value: $2,775.00

Actual Cost of the Program: 2,250.00
Savings: $525


Health Coaching: Private Sessions

Not quite ready to jump in head first to the 3 Month Program?  Start here.  Schedule a free initial health history today.  After the free initial session, private Health Coaching sessions are $150 for 60 minutes.  You can book these in person.


Start your journey today by scheduling a FREE in person or on the phone 60 minute Initial Health History.